Procedural Cellular

Generate a procedural cellular image


Generate a procedural cellular image

Boundary Mode

Boundary Mode Enumerable
  • Value = 0

  • Perlin = 1

  • Cubic = 2

  • Simplex = 3

  • White Noise = 4

Interpolation Mode

Interpolation Mode Enumerable
  • Linear = 0

  • Hermite = 1

  • Quintic = 2


Adjusting the frequency changes the density of the underlying grid.

Jitter controls the amount the points move from their regular center position to random x,y,z directions

Depth moves in the z axis through the point field

The boundary mode changes the way a cell region is defined from the center point relative to its neighbors.

The interpolation mode changes the way the gradient values are calculated relative to the center and boundary.

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