Bitmap Plus

Procedural Noise

Generate a procedural noise image


Generate a procedural noise image
Name | Procedural Noise
Nickname | Noise
Tab | Bitmap
Panel | Create
Division | 2
S | Seed (Integer) | The seed for the noise
W | Width (Integer) | The width of the new Aviary Image in pixels
H | Height (Integer) | The height of the new Aviary Image in pixels
D | Depth (Integer) | The sample depth through the field
M | Mode (Integer) | The noise mode
I | Interpolation Mode (Integer) | The output interpolation sample value mode
F | Frequency (Number) | Scale of the sample point distribution frequency
I | Image (B+ Image) | A Bitmap Plus Image
N | Noise (B+ Noise) | A Noise object for input into the Noise Fractal component
Save Image | Opens a file save dialog to save a raster file of the current image.
Copy Image to Clipboard | Copies the image to the clipboard (no alpha)


Mode Enumerable
  • Value = 0
  • Perlin = 1
  • Cubic = 2
  • Simplex = 3
  • White Noise = 4

Interpolation Mode

Interpolation Mode Enumerable
  • Linear = 0
  • Hermite = 1
  • Quintic = 2


Adjusting the frequency changes the density of the underlying grid.
Depth moves in the z axis through the point field
The mode changes the type of noise that is calculated.
The interpolation mode changes the way the noise falloff is calculated.